Strategic Mindset Coaching

Shanthi’s sessions are a delight to experience. She is kind, thoughtful and respectful, and her sessions are both gentle and powerful at the same time. Shanthi uses all her skills and wisdom to clear away emotional concerns or memories that are holding you back, and she leaves you feeling calm and comfortable. This is a great way to neutralize the past and connect with the future you desire. I have had several sessions with Shanthi and each one has been different and has tapped into another area to be healed and cleared. It is an honor to work with her in this way! – Margaret

Shanthi is a beautiful, gentle and loving soul. She puts love into everything she does. Having MAP sessions with her has transformed my life on many various levels. I am very grateful for who Shanthi is and what she does. – Candi-Lin

I have struggled with receiving money for years to the point that I would reject what actually belongs to me. Shanthi worked with me to transform that thinking. For the first time I felt at peace to take action and accept abundance. Within two weeks of working with her I received hard cash and a check that I would have otherwise foregone. This is truly epic! Shanthi has beautiful energy and a wealth of experience to help anyone who needs to overcome blockages in their life. – Sofie


I am currently taking medical chi gong classes with Shanti in order to improve my health and increase my energy. After only a few sessions with her and doing the “homework” she recommended daily, I noticed that I had much more energy to carry me through my work days…no more energy crash in the middle of the afternoon! Shanti is a wonderful, wise, supportive and knowledgeable teacher who is passionate about helping others! I love the way she is able to link her Chi gong sessions with the 5 elements of Chinese medicine, and provide the tools I need to control and improve my health by simply moving the energies within my body.
I am so grateful to have her as my chi gong master! – Eric

Shanthi is the best. I love her teaching style. She’s very patient and thorough and takes time to explain each exercise in detail. I highly recommend her! – Stephanie

Corporate Yoga

Stretching is so important for someone at the computer all day. I have been diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition related to the workplace that put me into physical therapy at one time (on workers comp). The yoga exercises have helped reduce the tingling and numbness in my hands. I think it makes perfect sense for an employer to do everything possible to encourage people to stop and take breaks like these during the day. It’s cheaper than trying to fix issues that have escalated to requiring medical intervention and time off work for recovery. – Kathleen

Since beginning my participation in the‘Come as you are Yoga’ sessions, I have noticed marked improvements in some areas of my personal health. I have noticed greater range of motion with less joint stiffness and discomfort while performing everyday tasks such as picking up laundry, putting up groceries, or tying shoes; I have less back stiffness and discomfort as I rise out of bed. Also, I have noticed a greater awareness in my recognition of personal stress, and the techniques I have learned in the yoga sessions have helped me to better manage my stress levels. The Come as you are Yoga sessions have undoubtedly helped to improve my quality of life and general outlook. I very much look forward to each and every session and plan to faithfully attend and participate as long as we are fortunate enough to have the sessions available to us. I feel so strongly about the benefits I have gained through the yoga sessions that, should these sessions not be available to me here at work, I would have to seek participation in a similar yoga class somewhere else! – Mark

As a developer in the last few weeks of a release, the pressure to deliver our software on time can get pretty intense. The classes have helped me deal with this. However, I don’t practice on my own, so having the classes more often would help much more. Not having to change clothes or drive anywhere means that I’ll actually attend the classes and not find excuses not to go. As a middle-aged woman that’s had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 20 years, the classes are gradually helping me recover some of the range of motion I’ve lost. – Kandice

One Day Chakra Workshop

This was one of the best experience of alignment ever. It is so freeing to be totally yourself, turn off the mind. I turned off my mind so much, that at the end of the class i began for the first time channelling a message for me and MAP for the world. Also, I got a massage after that experience and I really felt so present, and as if I was the canvas, completely free of any resistance. the Massage therapist caught the vibration and became really creative and expressive. it was a beautiful experience of the law of attraction. Thank you Shanti! – Colette

Shanthi, thank you so much for leading us through this dance and art chakra clearing experience. It was such an uplifting, freeing and integrative experience. It left me feel “whole”. After the session, I noticed much more clarity on situations happening in my life. It was like a light bulb had been turned on in my mind! I guess it was about time I saw the light, huh! Again, thank you so much for this awesome experience! – Eric